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The best way to get information about Spain is to check out the Internet Jozy Altidore USA Jersey , travel magazines or even newspapers. This way, you can be very well informed about the country. You can get very helpful tips and ideas from these readings so that when you plan to travel or move to Spain, it will not be a total hassle anymore. It helps to learn and be acquainted with the place you want to visit before the actual stay.

If you want to visit Spain, it is good to know that the country is blessed with fifty rich and lovely provinces. Madrid Jorge Villafana USA Jersey , Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, Bilbao Jordan Morris USA Jersey , Javea and Malaga are among the large cities in the country. Each city has very beautiful tourist attractions that may interest tourists.

Preparing for the Trip

There are several papers and valid documents that you have to prepare in order to get to Spain. This depends on the situation of the traveler or tourist. For instance, if you are coming from a non European Union country, you have to secure yourself a valid passport. Residents from other countries may also be required to secure a visa, along with your valid passport.

On the other hand John Brooks USA Jersey , if you belong to the European Economic Community, it is necessary to furnish your personal national identification and supporting documents. For some countries, this should go along with a visa that you present upon entry in the country. To get help from all these requirements, it is best to get in touch with a Spanish consulate in the country where you live. They may help you with a list of your documentation needs before you can gain entry in Spain.

One thing that tourists should learn is how to go along with the culture and customs of the country they are visiting. If you visit Spain Joe Corona USA Jersey , get to know their basic rules to save you from any trouble once you get there. Bringing personal things like jewelries or personal gadgets you own are tolerable upon entry. Be sure to secure a receipt for these personal equipments so that once they get checked before entry, you can justify that you own them yourself.

While personal items are not charged with custom fees, there are items that have limits. These include wine, cigarettes and perfume. This means that you can only bring these items up to a certain amount Jesse Gonzalez USA Jersey , otherwise, you will have to pay custom fees. The amount of money that you bring, however, does not have limits. It can be in any form foreign currency.

Bringing pets is allowed. However Gyasi Zardes USA Jersey , it can only be granted entry to the country if you have the proper documentation duly authenticated by a veterinarian from your country. This can be in a form of certificate of both origin and health. Be sure that you also have the documentations to justify that the pet have already completed all necessary vaccinations.

Living in Spain

Living in Spain also means getting to know the food that represents the region. In Spain, both cumin and saffron are widely used as spices in their cooking. Spanish cuisine is also rich in vegetables. This was influenced by their cultural history owing to the fact that Moors have contributed well to their food culture. Another distinct dish, particularly in the region of Valencia, is the paella. It is a dish consisting of a rich mixture of fresh vegetables Graham Zusi USA Jersey , rice and rabbit meat.
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