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Goofy Gadgets

It seems that everyday we have to take on small Leicester City Throwback Jersey , boring tasks that we would rather leave for someone else. To spice things up, here are a few weird gadgets that will have you feeling like you've briefly stepped into the future.

Green Lawn Charger

A great solution to charging multiple electronic devices at the same time, the charger station is a gadget that has caught on fast in 2010. However, this invention is a little bit different from other chargers. This lawn charger has a little patch of grass that holds your electronic devices. It can handle smart mobile phones, iPods, cameras, and all sorts of other devices that we use in everyday life. The cables hide under the grass and attach to the base of the station, where an extension cord serves as the power cable.

Disinfection Scanner

While it looks like a standard mobile flip phone Juventus Throwback Jersey , this device can kill. In fact, this disinfection scanner claims to kill upwards of 99% of germs and bacteria. To operate it, all one has to do is open the lid of the UV scanner and wave the nano-UV light over anything that needs disinfection. After about ten seconds, all bacteria and viruses are defeated. This device is ideal for germaphobes or anyone wishing to rid small areas of little critters that may be hiding in pillows, carpets or lingering after a handshake.

LED Umbrella

Have you ever been caught in the rain at night, wishing that you had a light to guide you where you need to go? Well now you can get protection from the rain as well as a light to keep you out of the dark. Get your hands on this weird gadget, and you'll never find yourself fumbling around your purse in a downpour.

Robot Lawnmower

Landscaping has long been a task that takes more effort than many people wish to exert. Along comes an invention that could transform the most mundane of tasks into leisure time well spent. In fact, this robot lawnmower can actually take care of the lawn without the need for any supervision. Of course Inter Milan Throwback Jersey , in the event that you do want to monitor and control the device, it comes with a state-of-the-art remote control. This robot lawnmower has ultrasonic sensors that stop it from running into anything important. As if that wasn't enough, this smart device knows how to get back to its charging station, or even send its owner a text message in the event of any complications.

Power Pooper Scooper

Following our trend of automation, the power pooper scooper makes a task that no one wants to complete a whole lot easier for everyone. This device is essentially a customized vacuum cleaner, complete with biodegradable bags that can collect your pets waste with 30,000 RPMs of suction. The device weighs just over 2 kg, and can go through 150 pieces of litter before needing a recharge.

Office Grenade

Are you sick of your office job? Perhaps you have vendetta out for your boss? Introducing the grenade that does not explode. This office grenade creates a bone-chillingly annoying ruckus. Simply set the alarm Borussia Dortmund Throwback Jersey , discreetly place the device near the victim, and wait about 20 seconds for the reaction of a lifetime. The devilish grenade has three volumes and is powered by three AAA batteries.

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Paul Gallen writes guides on gadgets, gaming and electronics. Paul锟絪 the encyclopaedia on modern gadgets including Pure DAB radio, iPods, the latest tomtom GPS and the Sony PSP.

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