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Attentions! Preparations for Truck Crane Startup is Very Imp

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Attentions! Preparations for Truck Crane Startup is Very Imp

Postby excavators » Fri May 19, 2017 4:10 pm

Crane Truck is the symbol of power and widely used in various lifting constructions. We can say that many constructions can’t be done without cranes. Startup is the first step of machine operationandsome preparations arevery necessary before the actual startup. Here we would like to share some tips about the preparation of Mobile Crane startup.

1. Check the tire to make sure its air pressure is sufficient and any damages should be fixed.
2. Check the engine and hydraulic systemto ensure the cooling water, hydraulic oil and fuel oil are sufficient. backhoe attachment
3. Check whether the meters, switches, lights, signal indicators and windscreen wipers of the truck craneare in normal operation.
4. Check whether the parts of steering and braking systems are safe and reliable and whether the liquid levels in steering oil tank and liquid cup of clutch are normal. Crawler Crane
5. Check whether the transmission shaft bolts, U-bolts and hub bolts are strictly tightened, damaged or ruptured.
6. Keep the filters clean and complete. If the crane indicator displays in fully red, the filter core needs to be cleaned or replaced. Also, the dust collection disk at the bottom of air filtershould be cleaned frequently to avoid the dust blocking.
7. Before starting the machine, drain away the water from the bottom of fuel filter. Tower Crane
8. Check whether the storage battery is reliable and firm and whether the level of electrolyte meets the specifications.

It is the best way to follow the operating manual produced by the manufacturer if you know little about the truck crane. Sany America And practice makes perfect, more applications will make you learn more knowledge about your machine. So just do it! excavator attachments
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